Meet Preeti

I’m Preeti Kapoor – A stock market specialist and an expert trader.

The absence of quality education in the field of stock market trading inspired me to start stock market training business. I have mastered the art of simplifying the complex concepts and explaining them in an easy to understand language with relevant examples.

The Journey of Self Discovery

I started my career as a school teacher with one the reputed schools in Delhi. While working as a teacher, I used to invest of my salary in buying and trading stocks. In the year 2008, I lost all of money and investment due to stock market crash. After thorough analysis, I found the root causes of my loss:




With the support of my husband, I started to re-educate myself and became a certified analyst. I invested around INR 200,000 on different stock market courses and within a year, I was able start trading and investing successfully and earning descent profits. Finally, I decided to make a career in stock market and live of financial freedom. I left my school job and became a STOCK MARKET ENTREPRENEUR.

The Teacher Inside Me

Even after earning good profits from trading and investing, the teacher inside me never died. And in 2018, I decided to teach the art of trading and investing to:

1. Students who were serious to make a career in stock market trading.

2. Housewives, Working Professionals, Businessmen and Retired Professionals, who were interested in growing their income with an alternative source of income.

I taught across many institutes for almost 2 years and used the power of social media for e-learning. The more I helped my students, the more I could see myself grow as a person – getting more mature in my understanding of stock market and trading.

The Entrepreneur Unleashed

In February 2020, I opened my own institute but destiny had stored some new challenges for me. Within a month of opening my institute, the lock down due to Corona pandemic started. I had to close down by institute and lost all the investments.

I realized that world will never be same even after this pandemic is over.

The Bullet Proof Business Model

With NEVER SAY DIE spirit, I decided to build a business, which is recession proof, pandemic proof, and can leverage the world of rapid technological advancements. I decided to shift gears in March 2020 and started my online coaching business to provide online training on Technical Analysis and Option Strategies.

I now help people step into their true potential by using the concepts of technical analysis and options to achieve great results in stock market trading.

Creating Success Stories

I have been able to mentor people from all walks of life. Many of my students are now making over INR 100,000 lacs per month using the methodologies that I have given them.

I believe in simple living & high thinking – with giving & service to mankind being the core.

I’m a mother of 2 kids and wife of a loving husband and am currently based in Delhi, where my husband is pursuing his career as a Corporate Professional. I now work 100% from home and feel that this journey of mine has given me a purpose in life.

If you are able to resonate with my vision, then let’s stay connected.

To your financial independence,

Preeti Kapoor

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